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Landry's Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Each Maintenance Contract includes the following inspections and services. Packages vary between price and visits.

HVAC maintenance contracts and inspectionsInspections include:

  • Tightening High and Low Voltage Wire Connections
  • Checking for Air, Water, Gas, Carbon Monoxide and Freon Leaks
  • Insuring Thermostat and Controls are working properly
  • Cleaning and/or Replacing air filters
  • Adding algae tablets to drain lines
  • Checking refrigerant pressures
  • Proper Voltage and Amperage draw
  • Vacuuming Heater Chamber and Washing Outdoor Coil

**Cost of new filter, additional parts and/or freon are additional cost.

Basic Package: 1 Stop Heating and Air Conditioning Clean and Check

Premium Package: 2 Stops(1 Spring, 1 Fall), 15% Discount on all Parts

Platinum Package: Same as Premium with guaranteed same day service if called
before 10 am.

Call us today for pricing information 504-739-4005!

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